Thursday, June 2, 2011

Messi in the sky with diamonds

At the time of writing Barcelona is once again kings of Europe.
They lifted the big-eared-trophy days ago.
It was a magical night, watching Barca taught the whole world 'how to football' in Wembley.
They were swift and furious especially after the 2nd half whistle.
Every single football minded human being in this world would have to do standing ovation for their show that night.
But i heard someone said...
"Barca is all about individual football"
And i was like "Hell-low???"
What kind of football are you talking about?
I'm not a Barca fan but still, that kind of performance is a teamwork, flow of football and top notch understanding among the players.
Look at how they pass the ball around, leaving Giggs and Carrick amazed and puzzled.
Hahaha after all its another classic MU defeat...
Errr.. remember San Siro, UCL Semi Final 2007...???

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